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My family has a habit of holding on to stuff. The good part about this is occasionally i’ll get the organizing bug and find myself digging through boxes of old stuff from a grandparents home. Recently I dug up my mothers homemaking notebooks from when she was in grade school. Inside are lists for how to run a home, definitions of various interior decorating and home building vocabulary but most importantly, vintage interior decorating clippings from magazines! My mom had *mostly* good taste and picked some great mid-century early 1960’s rooms and modern homes that I dig and then some real kooky rainbowfied rooms which are fun to look at! I am going to post them on the Storyland Vintage Tumblr page as I do with my vintage scans, but enjoy this sneak peak :)

hearts, meg

red and pink, cut and paste

Here’s some fun valentines images I scanned from a Valentines issue of Calling All Girls. I’ve skimmed a few articles in these vintage young girls magazines which belonged to my mother and I can tell you I’ve read some mildly offensive lines in them which definitely wouldn’t fly in today world. The article above is kind of funny where its talking about creating your own homemade valentines and states “Just bear(AND IT WAS SPELLED THAT WAY!) in mind the difference between a funny card and a cruel one.” Really? That needed to be said to a 10 year old? That would be pretty evil to go out of your way and make a homemade card and write something mean. But anyway, Happy Valentines Day!

hearts, meg

getting in the mood.

I’m enjoying getting in the mood for tomorrows Halloween festivities by listening to the Dead Mans Bones album today and practicing my hair and makeup for tomorrow! The watching of the Halloweenie episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete(and I was little Pete for Halloween once) is also one of my favorite Halloween traditions. You can watch the episode here and I love this site for details and incite about the episode. I also love the site My Parents Loved Halloween. Happy Halloween Eve!

hearts, meg

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