But, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Most Halloweens I have an idea of what I want to dress up as many months ahead of time. This year I wasn’t feeling as inspired that was until I re-watched the movie Gentleman Prefer Blondes this summer with new eyes. Lorelai played by Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy played by Jane Russell have such a supportive and loving friendship in the film that instantly reminded me of the relationship my girlfriend Irene and I have. The musical numbers are outstanding and the costumes by William Travilla are stunning! He may be most noted for designing the iconic white halter dress Monroe wears over a subway grate in The Seven Year Itch but a close second has to be the hot pink bow evening gown Marilyn dons in the number “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.” I literally had “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend” playing in my head for weeks whenever I would walk through a crowd in public..which would then cause me to bop around a little more in my heels and gave me an extra dose of confidence. I have been a Marilyn Monroe fan for what seems like forever, as a teenager I read several books on the actress including her own autobiography. As a young child I somehow knew the song “Happy Birthday Mr President” which I would sing around the house nowadays I just sing it to friends on their birthdays! Ever since I cut my hair a year ago and discovered hot rollers, I’ve been called Marilyn a lot. So I decided to embrace my hair and show my love for the film and this Halloween I decided to go really go for it and be -her-, Marilyn Monroe as Lorelai in Gentleman Prefer Blondes. ❤️

The French are glad to die for love.
They delight in fighting duels
But I prefer a man who lives
And gives expensive jewels…

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I Am Tough, But I’m No Cookie.

This Halloween I decided to emulate one of my favorite television shows, from my favorite season of the show and one bad*** of a character, Lana Winters from American Horror Story Asylum. She is such an intelligent character and I admire her strength, persistence, bravery, talent and badd***ery! As a vintage clothing seller, I wasn’t about to wear the standard blue Briarcliffe patient dress and red sweater, I had to go for the great green plaid 1950’s suit she wears as a reporter looking for a meeting with Bloodyface. Plus, I’m naturally a blonde and wearing pale makeup and a brunette wig wouldn’t have done anything for my face ;p! As you may have already read, I really lucked out on finding my suit in a sort of kismet experience. Just like the creators of the show I am a Lana fan and went from Lana Del Rey in 2012 to Lana Del Gay in 2014 ;p. I had a ton of fun emulating Lana Banana for the photos and 2 fun Halloween nights out despite getting called: Jackie Kennedy, Laverne from Laverne & Shirley, Margaret Thatcher and the actress from The Birds and not Lana Winters. View more photos below but *WARNING* spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the end of the season..

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There’s a Little Bit of Magic, Everybody Has It

Something crazy awesome happened recently! Want to know what it was? Well come closer ;)…I was on the way driving upstate for a few days with my mother and she asked me if I wanted to stop at a thrift store we used to go to a lot in the past, but hadn’t been to in awhile. But if I went there I wouldn’t be able to go to a antique store, because the thrift store was kinda out of the way. I was feeling the thrift so off we went. Before I got in the store I was thinking about how it would be great if I could just find the suit I needed for my Halloween costume and told my Mom to keep an eye out whenever we were out shopping in the coming weeks for it.

When we got to the store it was completely renovated and immediately I wasn’t feeling like my trip would be to prosperous, usually cleaner thrift stores suck in my opinion. In years past I’d come out of there with several bags but unfortunately I just wasn’t finding anything. But as I was making my way to the front of the store to leave I began looking through the womens suits and my Mom told me she looked through them already. But, right in front of me there was a suit set eerily similar to the one I was looking for, it even had an olive green blouse underneath the plaid suit jacket. My Mom said “that wasn’t there a minute ago” and so I grabbed it, tried the jacket on and it fit!!! I couldn’t believe it, I found pretty much exactly what I was looking for! How often does that happen when thrifting for a vintage suit and minutes after putting it into the universe?! I then walked over to the shoe section and picked up a brown pair of heels that looked as though them may fit, and those fit too! I happily trotted to the register to discover the suit set was half-off, BAM! Halloween costume under $20! I put it out there on that trip that I was looking for a matching pink 1950’s lady lamp, the board-game Seance and other random things, but sadly those wishes have yet to be answered 😉 😀

hearts, meg
Ps. I don’t usually reveal anything of my Halloween costume before the big day, but I just had to share this story behind it! Stay tuned for the full fledged Halloween costume post after the big day.

BAM! 22 Halloween Costume Ideas From Storyland Vintage

As you may have already guessed, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the decorations, the season and most of all dressing up and as much as I love being myself, I enjoy playing different characters for at least 1 day! I’d like to consider myself somewhat of a costume genius 😉 so I scoured the Storyland Vintage Etsy shop for 22 Halloween costume ideas featuring vintage clothing from the shop to inspire some fright and fun!

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My Halloween costume stemmed from a food shopping trip to ShopRite with my mama a few months ago where I picked up this adorable shopping bag featuring the ShopRite can can girls. I posted a pic of the bag on Instagram and realized that the new can-can girl kinda resembles me! Living on Long Island my whole life I was no stranger to the can-can sale commercials growing up, I admired their long legs, their glamorous outfits and loved that catchy song! I am certainly not a dancer but I’ve been interested in the can-can/saloon style all my life and luckily my mama is an excellent seamstress and helped me whip up this fun dress!

I even won a costume contest with my boyfriend/Griff from Back to the Future 2..


Wardrobe: Dress & Bow – Handmade ♥ ChokerParty CityFeather & EyelashesJoann’sGloves – Windsor(had these forever) ♥ Heels – XOXO(also have had these forever and never wore them!)
hearts, meg

$7 DIY Aurora Sleeping Beauty Crown

I was invited to a party the weekend before Halloween and needed a quick costume to wear while my actual Halloween costume was still being made. So, I decided to dip into my Halloween costume vault and resurrect a costume I only wore once in 2008. The resurrection began with removing gum from the skirt(don’t know how that got there but it was a wild night in NYC!) as seen in this Instagram photo.

Luckily the gum removal was a success but I realized that I no longer had the gold sequin headband/crown I wore that night(wild night). So I went on the hunt for a new gold crown. In a pinch the day before I stopped by a dollar store and Party City. I had no luck at the dollar store and was having no luck at the packed Party City store there was just no gold colored crowns besides one with Aurora’s face on a jewel fit for a child. I went up and down each aisle hoping to find an appropriate crown in the bachelorette party section. I was about to throw in the towel when I came upon a greeting card aisle and spotted a section of different sized gold stars:

I grabbed the largest size which comes in a 5 pack of gold stars for $6.99 and made my way to checkout. I figured I would just freehand the crown but thanks to the kind wonder of the internet there was a Aurora crown template online! Now everyone can make a Sleeping Beauty Aurora crown on a budget!

Supplies Needed:
Large pack of 5 gold stars, mine was purchased at Party City

Printed online Aurora template, the one I used is from here

Heavy duty scissors, mine are from Ikea


Pair of finer pointed scissors (optional)

1. Print a template(or free-hand design)

2. Line template up on top of a star, tracing around it

3. Cut shape out with sturdy scissors. Optional: Leave the inner curls of the crown for the finer pointed scissors as the paper can get ragged cutting that part out

4. Repeat steps to make a second cut out. Tip: Extend the ends to ensure it fits and give some extra room for closure

5. Line up the sides of the crown leaving any pen marked sides on the inside of the crown and staple them together. Bobby pin it to your hair. Extra Points: Use blonde bobby pins so they aren’t visible. Add red jewels to make it look like the jeweled version of the crown. Use the leftover stars to make a matching necklace! Or be like me and find a vintage necklace that works right as you are headed out to your carriage 😉

BAM! You’re Princess Aurora! Have a lovely evening and a Happy Halloween, Princess!

hearts, meg

but when she left gone was the glow of blue velvet.

It was a solemn October 31st this year with Hurricane Sandy invading New York state 2 days before Halloween. Luckily my family and friends on Long Island didn’t suffer the catastrophic damage that sadly many went through losing their homes and tragically family members. The aftermath of Sandy is something we all in the Long Island area will be experiencing and dealing with for weeks to come(my power conked out once just writing this post). But on the evening of All Hallows Eve I was determined to make the most of my favorite holiday, get dolled up and put on my costume and became Lana Del Rey in the H&M commercials. I’ve been a fan of Lana for a few years now for her unique talent, stage presence and her remarkable blend of style which is like a 1960’s actress with urban and modern influences. Although she has been only in the public eye for a little while, I was amazed that she landed a campaign with H&M and how much the line reflects her original style. I fell in love with the commercial, Lana’s cover of Bobby Vinton and wanted to live inside of the video…which inspired me to make it my Halloween costume this year!

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come fly with me.

Naturally Halloween is my favorite holiday as a lover of fashion and dressing up. Halloween is a big deal to me(see years previous here and here) and this year I decided to dress up as a Pan Am stewardess. I was inspired by the TV show Pan Am and my love of airports(except the invasive security checks, no thank you) and the urge I have been having this year to work in an airport(if only Jet Blue had uniforms like the Pan Am stewardesses in the 1960’s). And although I am going against my trend of dressing as a man and woman every other year, I knew I had to do it this year if I was gonna do it at all, so I went for it! My costume was put together on little time and money because I was certainly not going to drop $1,500 plus on an authentic Pan Am uniform on Ebay(oh yeah that happened!). I had a lot of fun with it and felt very in character, confident and poised like a real Pan Am stewardess. Happy Halloween!

Wardrobe: Wig- My Costume Wigs ♥ Faux pearl earrings- Forever 21 ♥ Hat- Handmade from LollyMist ♥ Suit- vintage, Etsy ♥ Blouse- Anthropologie ♥ Gloves- local costume shop ♥ Pan Am bag – vintage, Etsy ♥ Pan Am pin – vintage, Etsy ♥ Heels – Steve Madden, DSW

hearts, meg

when we met i felt my life begin, so open up your heart and let this fool rush in.

I was afraid this Halloween wouldn’t live up to the awesomeness that was last Halloween and last years costume, but it ended up being the best Halloween EVER! I finally got around to making my Marie Antoinette costume based on the below picture from Sophia Coppola’s movie. Okay I didn’t make it, my mama did, it was above my abilities. The costume was based on the birthday scene in the movie where Marie is coming into her own and finally having some FUN! I’ve been doing some of that myself lately so I relate. Plus I love the pale fabric with the rush of the blue skirt underneath and the feminine simplicity and beauty of the outfit itself.

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