Master James

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of checking out the Charles James Beyond Fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. It was such an honor to see his work in the flesh especially after seeing and reading about him in college fashion textbooks for years. I actually got a little starstruck and squealed when I entered the room with the famous Butterfly dress(photographed above)!! I managed to snap a few photos for myself, sorry these aren’t great, but I figure they are worth sharing with fellow vintage lovers!

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Selling vintage is a constant learning experience from buying, selling and researching! This was especially true when it came time to list a vintage dress with a very peculiar print of union labels, International Ladies Garment Workers Union that is. I’m so used to seeing them inside dresses but this rare print became a mystery I just had to solve! Eventually I believe I found my answer in this 1940’s ILGWU photograph…

Source: Kheel Center Cornell University

This dress may have been fashioned for a 1960’s ILGWU event! Way cool!

hearts, meg

“Can’t repeat the past?…why of course you can!”

This week I checked out The Great Gatsby movie costume exhibit set up at the Prada store in Soho. As a vintage clothing lover and costume fan, I am interested in the roaring twenties and the opulence of 1920’s fashion. I also recall enjoying reading The Great Gatsby in high school, so I was excited to check out the costumes from the new movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan.

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