The Good Internship

at the costume shop

My Moms Swedish Dad, my Pop Pop worked in computers for the aerospace company, Grumman that was here on Long Island. He was technologically savvy and also loved taking family videos. On Halloween day in 1994 he finally let my big brother Shanon, for what we believe was the first time step behind his camera and film. That film footage was of me dancing around in the Belle costume my Mother made me. Shanon ended up going to film school when he was older, interned for a sound company while at school and ending up becoming a television editor. I guess you can say the love of film and that kind of creativity runs in my family. Ever since I earned my associates degree online in fashion merchandising from The Fashion Institute of Technology and entered the bachelors program, I was excited for the day I could begin the search for credit internships which was necessary for my degree. A few years ago I toured Warner Brothers studios and saw costumes, movie sets and Conan O’Brien’s parking spot up close. Combine that with a deep love of Halloween and dressing up as mostly film characters I had the goal in mind to get my internship in costume for a television show. As a HUGE Conan O’Brien fan I especially longed to spend a semester in California and work in the costumes and props department alongside Bill Tull 😉 I wanted it so badly, I literally had dreams about it. But while I have my brother and his family in CA, putting my degree on hold for a semester and the planning behind that with a slim chance of actually getting the internship, wasn’t going to work itself out. But luckily FIT had a few connections in the TV realm of costume and before I even met my internship counselor I let my intention be known. I wanted an internship in costume, I wanted to learn the process of script to screen and most importantly for me I wanted to learn how they sourced the fashion and hopefully vintage! Luckily I had an incredibly awesome counselor and she rallied for me sending emails to companies. I had to narrow my interests down to 2 companies which for me were two television shows. But I didn’t hear back from either of them and began searching elsewhere. As an aquariums I am a natural born settler, I’ll usually settle for less than I deserve but for once I was confident in telling myself that if I didn’t find something I loved, I would wait because I did not want to waste my one internship opportunity. Not to mention I commute very far from Eastern Long Island just to get to my classes in NYC, so I really have to want to be there! I had a couple interviews set up including one in NYC for a huge sporting company in eCommerce. I had zero interest in going on this interview but my counselor thought I would be a good fit so I gave it a shot. I remember it felt like 10 degrees out that morning and getting on a train with the morning rush for an interview during winter break was torturous. But despite being completely out of my element being a vintage loving gal in a sporting world(lol) and terribly anxious in interviews I felt so great about myself after the interview I had with the people that worked there because for the first time in my whole life, I could dork out about eCommerce and they applauded me for my knowledge! I was actually reconsidering the whole television internship because I was positive they were going to choose me despite having a not as great interview with someone different afterwards, but later I heard back I hadn’t been chosen. But as one door closes, another one opens and I received the phone call from my #1 choice, a costume internship at the television show, The Good Wife. And funny yet luckily enough, I hadn’t even interviewed with them.

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Vintage Interiors

My family has a habit of holding on to stuff. The good part about this is occasionally i’ll get the organizing bug and find myself digging through boxes of old stuff from a grandparents home. Recently I dug up my mothers homemaking notebooks from when she was in grade school. Inside are lists for how to run a home, definitions of various interior decorating and home building vocabulary but most importantly, vintage interior decorating clippings from magazines! My mom had *mostly* good taste and picked some great mid-century early 1960’s rooms and modern homes that I dig and then some real kooky rainbowfied rooms which are fun to look at! I am going to post them on the Storyland Vintage Tumblr page as I do with my vintage scans, but enjoy this sneak peak :)

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Hooray! I was able to locate the article of my mother and uncle as children in their Swedish dancing clothes just as they wore and performed in at the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York! Read about my trip to the fair here :)

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sale sail sale.

There’s a huge sale on numerous items over at Storyland Vintage! Photo is of my Italian great-grandmother she’s a beautiful lady, my mom looks just like her(don’t steal my pic, please).

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homemade 50's ranch house.

My Swedish great grandparents were the first in their families to immigrate to this country. They chose to settle in Nassau County, New York and built a little house on a plot of land. By the time my Swedish grandfather(Pop Pop) got married he too bought a plot of land in the same town and built a house for him and his wife and future family to live. The home was built with his own hands and it still stands today. I recently was going through some old family photos and decided to scan a few of the pictures of the process of my Pop Pop building this house starting in 1952.

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Sunday Monday sale!

You are invited to take 20% your total order from Storyland Vintage this Sunday and Monday only! Simply check-out and send payment as usual then send a message with the code “sundaymonday”. I will send a refund for 20% off your total order to your Paypal! Yay! Sorry offer does not include shipping or already discounted “Bargain” items. Offer ends 5/3/10 at 11:59pm EST.

That is a picture of my Great Aunt Doris. I never met her but she’s so beautiful and she must have loved to pose for pictures!

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the horror in an ancient photo album.

When looking through an old family album or photos, you may encounter a horrifying photograph…the postmortem picture. Or in laymens terms, a picture of a deceased family member. In yesteryear’s when many family’s moved to America and left their home countries behind, relatives in the home country would send pictures to the relatives in America to show a picture from the funeral and even to prove that the person had passed away. “Dearest Mother, I would have never guessed Grandmother would ever leave us, she was a real pistol-whip. I couldn’t believe it until I saw the photograph.”

This unfortunately happened to me yesterday as I was looking through my Swedish great Grandfathers pictures and I have come up with a simple solution to the problem!

Put the sticky part of the post-it either on the back of the picture if it’s a loose photo, or if it is in an album, place the sticky part of the Post-it as shown above. Now your pictures are safe to flip through! Use Post-its because you care. Use a Post-it just can’t throw out the picture but you certainly don’t want that picture to scare you at night.

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lookie here, kid.

I was doing more family research on Ancestry today and I decided to take a look at some pictures we had. One really stood out to me..

My nanny(mothers, mother), my mother and uncle in July 1964:

And then there’s me in Summer 2009:

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