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Shorts shorts everyday a short short. Boy do I wear shorts a whole lot. This pair I just recently purchased and they are kinda too thin for the winter but they will work great in the summer. I definitely needed something going on with my hair with this outfit but I am just happy my hair is back at the length I adore, I just want to wear my hair down everyday now!

So this week, tomorrow to be exact, marks the 1st anniversary of Storyland Vintage on Etsy! I’ve really grown as a business woman in this 1 year than I have in all the years I’ve been selling online which is hold on let me count…6 YEARS?! OMG! WHOA! I have grown up a lot this past year(don’t worry I’m still a kid too) and it’s really made me amp up my work volume especially in these past few months. I am proud of myself for the growth, but I’m still hard on myself because I always know I can do even better, I just realize what a strong woman I am becoming:). So with that said, if anyone is reading this, please use the coupon code “ONEYEAROLD” at checkout for 15% off all purchases until Sunday 1/23. Only valid on Etsy purchases at quickie url ♥

50’s Sweater – Vintage, Ebay years ago
Black high waist shortsLulu’s
Shoes – Target

hearts, meg

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