bright as yellow.

Friday was the first time I have left my house without wearing a wool coat in months. If you have lived in California all your life you will never understand the feeling of drudging about in the depressing snow and cold weather for months on end and then be given a gift in February of sunshine and 50 degrees yes only 50, and I went out like that and I even took my sweater coat off because I was running on happiness! It’s really amazing how a warmer day shoots a warmer temperature through my body, I must have had an endorphin high, I felt so great! I just hope mother nature and mother indie doesn’t disgrace us by teasing us with a peak of spring and then delivering more snow just as it’s almost all melted.

look mushroom!

This week I got to see the Broadway show, Million Dollar Quartet my second ever Broadway show(last year I saw Rock of Ages) as my birthday present. I love getting dolled up, going out to dinner and then going to the theater(you have to say theater really snobbish to get it right) and of course my birthday comes around the time discount tickets are available so its awesome! I had great seats so when Johnny Cash went to sing he was literally right in front of me and I think I caught his eyes on me once or twice;). Of course, my mom and I chose another show which revolved around rock music because that’s the kind of gals we are, and when I was 5-6 years old I would do Elvis impersonations. Honestly I gotta say, the show wasn’t better than ROA, the writing was very forced and its painfully obvious that the only girl in the show is only there to move the story along. The show was very short only the length of most movies with no intermission and well the story revolves around 1 night in history, so there wasn’t that much to go on. The actors were great, the actor who played Johnny Cash gave off his persona and sounded like him(oh baby!), I loved Jerry Lee Lewis his parts in the show were the only parts of the writing I enjoyed, the bass player and drummer were terrific and looked the part and I loved the actor who was subbing in for the usual actor playing the role of Carl Perkins, I couldn’t see anyone else playing that role and I liked his outfit the best. I also couldn’t see anyone else playing the role of Sam, but the posters outside show at one time someone else had. A lot of the facts about the men I already knew like Elvis having a twin brother(via Unsolved Mysteries) and pretty much everything about Johnny Cash but my mother and I actually didn’t know that Blue Suede Shoes was written by Carl! I felt terrible for the real Carl and if I was him I would have punched Elvis in the face not be friendly and jamming out together. So while there was a picture of the real men all together that day in 1956 which they showed on stage, I think that must have been a few short minutes where they were getting along. Overall I was disappointed in the script itself but I had a good time and the music performances were great and I had Johnny Cash stuck in my head the whole ride home:)

Vintage dress – Ebay
Belt – thrifted
Sweater Coat – Anthropologie
Boots – Century 21
Socks – Forever 21

hearts, meg

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