ain’t gonna stop for nobody, no one.

I almost didn’t buy this vintage dress. I was immediately attracted to it for the shape, metallic ric-rac and aqua(can ya tell its my favorite?) colors but I still wasn’t convinced. Luckily the sellers space I found it in ended up giving me a good deal on the little pile of vintage dresses I had amassed after ravishing the racks for over an hour so I felt like I had to take it home and I’m so glad I did!

Cool chair I found that date thrifting..sadly I didn’t take it home because I am not married to a upholsterer like Jack White;)

Wardrobe: Dress – vintage, CA flea market ♥ Butterfly Ring – vintage, $3 at the same flea market ♥ Purse – vintage ♥ Flats – Urban Outfitters

hearts, meg

meg darling

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