adventures in antiquing.

No trip is complete without antiquing, and this recent trip upstate I took was no exception. I stopped at one of my favorite antique stores in the area and like a moment in American Pickers someone at the shop saw what I was wearing and referred me to a shop in the area with vintage clothes. I wasn’t going to go it was like 100 degrees outside and I had spent hours shopping already but I said what the heck my boyfriend and I decided to visit the shop. Unfortunately there wasn’t any men’s vintage that was long enough in the arms for my handsome but I walked out with like 20 1950’s blouses that had never been worn and fit me perfect. I’ll have to thank the man that referred me to the shop if I ever run into him again but I think he’ll be receiving thank you’s from the shop’s owner as I spent way too much $$$! Here’s a peak at some of the cool antiques I spotted on my trip…

What girl wouldn’t want to receive this postcard? ;p

Wardrobe: Dress – Vintage

hearts, meg

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