2 ring circus.

Recently I did something I haven’t done in a very, very long time…I went to the circus. I felt like a kid again munching on cotton candy, popcorn AND a snow cone under the big top and enjoying the tigers, clowns and acrobats. It was really nice to see that not much had changed over the years, just like me ba dum psh, except my age ba dum psh 😉 Even though it was extremely hot out(hence bad hair) I had sooo much fun!

Red-orange blouse – Anthropologie, I don’t know why but I really think of my nanny when I tried this on and when I wore it, maybe she had one like it I don’t know
Denim shorts – Forever 21
Peep toe sandals – Vintage reproduction
Wicker purse – Vintage

hearts, meg

meg darling

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